Koby and the Oakey Dokeys

Koby and the Oakey Dokeys is a marvelous kids adventure cartoon series with 26 half hour episodes

When you enter the world of "Koby and the Oakey Dokeys" you'll meet some of the most unusual, incredible, and fascinating little characters you'll ever see. Because of a magic spell cast by the King of the Little Creatures, discarded household objects like brooms and cups turn into Oakey Dokeys at night. One of our heroes is a really feisty little Oakey Dokey named CODY. And although most Oakey Dokeys don't really trust humans, Cody's best friend is a boy named BOBBY. Cody and Bobby have a very special friendship, in fact, it's absolutely magical. You see, they have a way that combines their energies and turns them into one very super-powerful boy named... KOBY. Although the Oakey Dokeys are occasionally mischievous, there are other creatures called HOBGOBLINS which are always mischievous. As a matter of fact, they're just plain mean. Two of the meanest Hobgoblins are SLUGGA the bat and SANDBAGGER; when they're in town, watch out! Those two bad guy prove to be a worthy adversaries for Koby and the Oakey Dokeys- as do many other villains that Koby and the Oakey Dokeys have to contend with in their adventures. When Slugga sends his nasty Hobgoblins out to play tricks on people all over town, and a TV rock star goes berserk, and the president of a chemical plant carelessly pollutes the land and water, and a prehistoric dinosaur runs amok, it's time for Koby and the Oakey Dokeys to save the world from total chaos. Between Cody and Bobby is more than just friendship. They have found a way how to become one, combine their powers and face their enemies. Wherever there's fun and excitement you'll find the electrifying Koby and the zany Oakey Dokeys right in the middle of it. Kids just love Koby and the Oakey Dokeys- a new kind of fun for the entire family!

two minute animation trailer with
Ketchup Vampires and Koby and the Oakey Dokeys

Outline of Episodes 1 - 13 and more pics