Koby and the Oakey Dokeys

EPISODE ONE: Slugga Vs. the Oakey Dokeys
We are introduced to the family of Oakey Dokeys who live in a huge tree at the top of Half Moon Mountain. They are in the midst of celebrating "Changing Day"--the day they turned from everyday objects into real living, breathing, Oakey Dokeys! Unfortunately, two mischievous Hoggoblins, Slugga and Sandbagger, have different plans in store for the happy Oakey Dokeys. So, Kody and Bobby must put their special powers together and become Koby for the first time. They got to put an end to Slugga and his horde of little Hoggoblin flunkies from wreaking havoc all around town. But while Koby tries stopping Slugga's clan from playing their no-good tricks, Slugga already has begun another mischievous plan--getting the good Oakey Dokeys to work for him! Baby, Lobes, and Captain Bristle are the only ones not willing to surrender to Slugga. In turn, Slugga leaves the three hanging on a string, literally, until they decide to cooperate to serve him forever! Thankfully, Koby gets there in the nick of time to save his friends and put a stop to his mischief!

EPISODE TWO: Slugga Vs. the Oakey Dokeys, Part II
We pick up at the last spine-tingling moments of Episode One, right before Koby saves Lobes, Baby, and Captain Bristle. A fight between Slugga and Koby begins, and right when things aren't looking good for Koby, he breaks Slugga's horn off leaving Slugga to run back to Sandbagger defeated, and utterly embarrassed! But don't count Slugga out just yet! He starts playing pranks on humans in hopes that they will blame it on the Oakey Dokeys, and they do! Some angry citizens try to cut down the Oakey Dokey tree to destroy the Oakey Dokeys, but it doesn't work. The tree is protected from human hands during the day. So Slugga and Sandbagger decide to cause more trouble to the townspeople by sending out little Hoggoblins with magic mallets that make tons of fake money. The town becomes so overflowed with the fake money the people can't even move about! Koby realizes he must face Sandbagger to put a stop to everything for good. A fight ensues, and Koby is swallowed by Sandbagger, who has made himself 20 times bigger than normal size. While inside, Koby pulls out a magic orb given to him by King Oakey Dokey. With it, he is able to destroy Sandbagger from the inside out, taking away all his powers, leaving Sandbagger as just a small, tattered bag.

EPISODE THREE: Too Much Money!
This episode picks up where the previous episode left off, with money overflowing all over the town! All the citizens of the town are organizing a way to dispose of all the fake money so that they can resume their normal lives. But just when they're all organized, Sandbagger uses what little power he has left to make all the disappear! The citizens don't know what to make of any of this. Now a certain Hoggoblin named Dinger, once a loyal server to Slugga, decides he wants to become a good Oakey Dokey. He goes to Captain Bristle and tries to make amends. He also tells them how Trinket, who Kody is sweet on, is under Slugga's spell and is forced to work for him and Sandbagger. She is helping them with their new nasty plan to steal human children and collect their tears to gain back their powers. But Koby has a plan to put a stop to Sandbagger's idea. As Sandbagger captures some unsuspecting children, he doesn't realize he's captured Koby in disguise too! By crying Oakey Dokey tears, a very powerful liquid, Koby destroys Sandbagger along with his evil plan. Back at the tree, Trinket comes to apologize to Captain Bristle and all the rest or the Oakey Dokeys. She also brings all the former Hoggoblins that worked for Slugga and Sandbagger that now also want to become good Oakey Dokeys. Captain Bristle welcomes them with open arms and the celebrating begins!

EPISODE FOUR: The Study Break
During a study party over at Bobby's house; Drew, Hubert, Kody, and Bobby become a little too involved in a popular television show! Julius, a wild and obnoxious monkey boy TV star gets to meet Koby face to face. By traveling through the television, Koby takes on Julius. The various kingdoms of television land are very hopeful that somebody may finally put a stops Julius' wrongdoing. Unknowingly to Kody, Dinger had stuck into his hair before going over to Bobby's, so he reveals himself to Koby in his moment of need. When Koby's in real trouble with Julius, Dinger goes back through the TV to find Trinket. He brings her back into television land to help Koby defeat Julius. Trinket tells Julius to take her with him and leave Koby alone. Julius agrees because he likes Trinket, but when he turns around he sees an old woman instead of Trinket! Foiled by Trinket's plan, Julius is easily defeated by Koby who sends him packing on a tiny cloud. Television land is safe again!

A strange light in the night's sky attracts the attention of Bobby, Kody, Drew, and Butch. Upon investigating closer, they realize to their surprise that it's an alien ship! Bobby and Kody become Koby and he flies Drew and Butch up into the ship to get an inside look. They discover a friendly, morphing alien named Star. Star offers to take them with her on a time traveling trip back to the pre-historic era of the dinosaurs. They happily decide to go, only to find an amazing world filled with things they've only imagined! All is going well until an earthquake swallows Star's ship. Then a tryannasaurus chases them and they all unwillingly must split up. Butch encounters a tribe of primitive people who think he is a god of some sorts because he can make fire with a laser beam that Star gave him. In the meantime, Drew and Bobby find a baby dinosaur and care for it. Star is busy fixing her ship. When Bobby finally finds Butch, Butch doesn't want to go back to the ship or even back home! He is loving the life of a îking' and has no intention of leaving his people. It isn't until Butch actually sees Star, Drew, and Bobby leaving for home in the spaceship that he realizes that he really does want to go back home. His screaming and crying alert a nearby raptasaurus that gives Butch the chase of his lifetime. Luckily, Star notices Butch down below and zooms back down to rescue him. In doing so, Star also picks up another unwanted visitor...the raptasaurus! Back on earth, Koby turns into a dinosaur in order to tie up and stop the real dinosaur from doing any more harm. Attached to Star's spaceship, the raptasaurus is transported back to where he belongs and all is safe and sound...or is it?

EPISODE SIX: No Dinosaurs Allowed!
A seemingly peaceful day is interrupted by the presence of a real live dinosaur! We soon learn a dinosaur egg found and nurtured by Butch has now hatched and is terrorizing the entire countryside! After charging through a crowded restaurant and shaking up some hilarious chefs, Micro the dinosaur, who really isn't too îmicro', encounters Koby! Koby immediately shrinks Micro with the help of his magic mallet and places him safely in a jar. But while Koby goes out to signal Star so that she can take Micro back to the proper time, Stuffa, a trouble-making Oakey Dokey, let's Micro out of the jar and restores him to his regular huge size! The next morning, as Drew, Bobby, and Butch walk happily to school, Micro runs after them, causing the cops and army soldiers to be dispatched. Butch interferes however, when a cop tries to blast Micro with a bazooka gun. Micro in turn, picks Butch up and runs off into the mountains with him. Just in time, Koby spots Star in the sky and signals her down. Star finds Butch and Micro before the police do, so Star takes Micro back to where he rightfully belongs, leaving the police stunned and bewildered!

An innocent day of kite flying turns into something amazing for Drew, Bobby, and Butch. When they encounter the "Wizard of the Lake", they all learn what it's like to really fly a kite! With one giant gust of wind blown from the great wizard's mouth, the kids ride a giant kite all the way into outer space! They are picked up by a helpful alien, Gamma, who unfortunately crash lands them on a strange, pig-infested planet! Gamma informs them that this planet used to be his peoples' until the Porker Patrol took over. It seems that Gamma's leader experimented long ago with pigs, in hopes to make them more intelligent. His experiment worked so well that the pigs actually took over the leader and the planet! And now, Butch, Drew, and Bobby are at the mercy of this evil pig empire! King Porkbelly and his son, Prince Bacon rule over Gamma's people. Prince Bacon quickly develops a certain fondness for Drew. Butch and Bobby however, are left to be examined, tested, and put on display for pig examiners. Meanwhile, Gamma quickly goes back to find Kody and the Oakey Dokeys to tell them that their human friends are in deep pig trouble! Kody arrives with Gamma on the pig planet in the nick of time, to rescue Drew, Bobby, and Butch. Kody and Bobby form into Koby and use their combined power to turn the pig people into real pigs, oinks and all!

EPISODE EIGHT: Mr. Onree's Pollution
During a peaceful night swimming party, the Oakey Dokey's start to experience symptoms of water pollution poisoning. To get to the bottom of this problem, Koby follows the river back to the source of the pollution...O and O Chemicals! The owner, Mr. Onree, is a money-hungry man who doesn't care if his plant pollutes the water, just as long as he's saving money. Well Koby isn't going to let this continue, so he plugs up Mr. Onree's main dumping valve with a huge magic mallet. Koby encounters Mr. Onree and makes him promise to stop polluting for good, and Mr. Onree agrees to stop. Of course, he is lying and goes back to polluting the next day. Koby and the Oakey Dokeys start playing various pranks on Mr. Onree to try to knock some sense into him. Instead, it only makes Mr. Onree more irritated, and he decides to stop the Oakey Dokeys annoying interference for good by destroying the Oakey Dokey tree!

EPISODE NINE: Mr. Onree's Pollution, Part II
Picking up where we left off in episode eight, with Mr. Onree and his bulldozer worker attempting to destroy the Oakey Dokey's tree. But Koby has different plans for Mr. Onree. Koby disguises himself as Mr. Onree and tells the bulldozer worker to turn around and head back. This is just the beginning of Koby's pranks on Mr. Onree. Koby and Mr. Onree end up in court together trying to prove who exactly is the real Mr. Onree. The judge ends up believing that Koby is the real Mr. Onree and so he gets to go home with his wife and daughter, but not until after he apologizes and offers to pay thousands and thousands of dollars to help clean up the environment. The real Mr. Onree is furious at what Koby is scheming. With no one to turn to, no family, no friends who believe him, the real Mr. Onree wanders the streets, hungry, cold, and lonely. An elderly man and his grandson, who are really Captain Bristle and Baby in disguise! Through the time spent in their kind, friendly care, Mr. Onree learns the value of living a happy life. He decides to go to his own plant and volunteer to help with the clean-up crew. Working hard to clean up the mess his plant caused, he becomes exhausted. He slips off a high beam, but Koby saves him before he can hit the ground. Mr. Onree and Koby can finally work together for the greater good, so Koby gives Mr. Onree back his plant and Mr. Onree agrees to protect the environment forever!

EPISODE 10: Garbage, Garbage Everywhere!
The entire town is engulfed in a smog of horrible smelling odor. It turns out there's a Garbage Monster in the area and he's sucking up all the garbage around and eating it! When Kody and Bobby follow the garbage trail they barely escape the grasp of the garbage monster's never-ending tongue! But when Baby gets trapped inside the monster's lair, Koby knows what has to be done. By letting himself be swallowed by the monster, Koby lights a fire inside the monster's stomach. When the flame reacts with the gases inside, the garbage monster instantly explodes. Koby saved the day, but oh what a smelly day it's gonna be!

EPISODE 11: Underwater Kingdom
King Basso, leader of the underwater kingdom is suffering from severe headaches. Advised by Dr. Baitem, he is told the only medicine that can help him is found only in an Oakey Dokey horn. They dispatch a tough turtle soldier, Phibious, to enter Oakey Dokey land and bring back one or more Oakey Dokeys. Phibious easily convinces Baby to come back with him, telling him a phony story about a princess needing rescued. In hopes to be a hero, Baby rides on Phibious' back all the way down underneath the ocean waters. Once there, Baby is quickly taken away by Crustracean soldiers. Luckily, Stuffa witnessed Baby and Phibious' encounter and he runs to tell Captain Bristle. Worried, Captain Bristle sends Koby to rescue little Baby and save his precious horn!

EPISODE 12: The Return of Flower
A quiet night on Half Moon Mountain is happily interrupted by the return of the sweetest Oakey Dokey ever, Flower. Flower was taken up to a higher kingdom years before by King Oakey Dokey. It seems that he has granted her one night to visit her old Oakey Dokey friends. While Kody and the Oakey Dokeys cry tears of joy, Trinket cries tears of jealousy. So instead of becoming a new friend to Flower, Trinket plans to get rid of her for good so that Kody can be hers forever. By disguising herself as Flower's escort, Trinket tells Flower that she can stay longer with the Oakey Dokeys. Then, she disguises herself as Kody and leads Flower into a beautiful gem-filled cave. While inside, Trinket changes into a scary bat and traps Flower in a hole under a rock. Luckily for Flower, Kody was informed by Dinger about Trinket's plan and he rushes to save his love.

EPISODE 13: The Return of Slugga and Sandbagger
As Trinket peacefully plays her flute in the cool night air, a menacing looking witch appears before her. The strange witch insists that Trinket look inside her special mirror, and when she does, she gets sucked into it, trapped! Stuffa, in an attempt to rescue Trinket himself, gets sucked into the mirror too. Captain Bristle and Lobes start worrying when two of his Oakey Dokeys are missing. When Kody and Baby spy the same witch doing her mirror trick on some other Oakey Dokeys, they realize they're up against someone powerful. They go after the witch but her powers and mirror are too much for them. Baby, Captain Bristle, and Lobes along with all the other Oakey Dokeys are captured except for Kody and Dinger. Dinger sneaks into the witch's broom bristles to see where she's taking all his friends. They land in front of a dark castle and the witch instantly turns into...Slugga! He's back! Dinger sneaks in with Slugga and quickly sees what's going on. Slugga and Sandbagger are using the Oakey Dokey as slave labor to help build their new kingdom. Dinger goes to find Bobby and Kody so they can form Koby to help stop their evil plan. Koby tricks Sandbagger and Slugga into thinking that he's captured Kody, when in actuality, all they captured was a fake Kody! And when Sandbagger attempts to destroy all the Oakey Dokeys as they sleep, but Koby saves the day, as usual.

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