Partycam Mix


In Germany I lived in an appartement building where I wasn't allowed spin my turntables after 10 p.m., so when my friends were visiting me at night we ended up watching the very few house music videos that ever ran on MTV but this was soon getting very repetitive...

So I in 1993 I started to lay 45 minutes of a mixed audio tape on a video tape and edited stuff recorded from TV or demo showreels to the beat. At about the same time I bought a little Hi-8 camera and started to intercut this with own footage. I started to enjoy this and invested more and more time into editing, using just two regular S-VHS decks. All the FX were self invented, filming previously filmed footage of TV sets with funny color settings or cutting out letters and colored cells, glueing them on a TV screen and filming that.

Raphael Rack started to take my video tapes with him to clubs where he was DJing. As I didn't want to run into any copyright problems and by then was filming enough own footage the Partycam Mix from now on consisted of only self filmed footage. Actually I am very proud of scenes filmed in clubs like the KW/Munich when my own Partycam Mix is running on their video screens. Filming people dancing in front of this footage, intercut it with the old footage, there is lots of stuff you can do if you are doing an endless show called the Partycam Mix.

Whenever famous DJs or celebrities crossed my way and I had my partycam with me, I asked them to do an announcement which was edited between the 45 mins. music segments.



Celebrating 14 years of Partycam Mix!!
Yes Partycam Mix was started in December 1993!!

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New footage will be filmed at:
WMC 2008, Miami Beach

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"Hey what's up, this is Ultra Nate and you are watching the Partycam Mix!!!"

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"This is Steve Silk Hurley. You are watching the partycam mix and I want you to Jack your Body..."

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