Viral Marketing

Here are some of our favorite viral marketing clips, which have not been produced by us. But they are great for inspiration, to see what works well and how it was produced. Watch out for the different psychologies used to make people want to spread those videos.

Follow this link to see some highlights from our viral productions.

Evian Roller Babies, over 11 million viewers in the first week (combined International, US and French Version). Very expensive production which would also work well as a 30 second TV clip, but in viral you can go twice as long and give the people 60 seconds of cute babies. Pass it on!
Mini Clubman - in this clip the voice over actually admits: It's a fake, it's a viral!
Here is a great clip advertising Cardo System's Bluetooth headsets. Better use one of their headsets, else your brain might get toasted. Showing what cell phones might do to pop corn (if this clip wasn't fake) scared enough people to forward this over 10 million friends. - Update - the original clip admitting that it was advertising for Cardo Bluetooth headsets got pulled.
Beautiful clip with very nice special effect work for the Samsung Omnia (i900). Starts out as a shaky boring tech/nerd video until he presses the red button and the SFX start.
Viral marketing with cell phone is a very popular topic. So what do you do when you are hired to advertise something as abstract as Nova Scotia. You introduce a cell phone which is as versatile as the province.