Viral Marketing

"Call viral video a recession buster. A survey of 40 major ad agencies and media buyers by Feed Company found that 70% of marketers expect to increase their viral video ad budgets in the coming year. Yet ad agencies are seeking improvements on how viral video campaigns are tracked and executed: 95% of respondents seek greater accountability from vendors responsible for tracking campaign effectiveness, and more than half say there is a need for better execution of strategies." (Source Cynopsis Digital 10/14/2008)

We have a long track record of film and TV productions, have been using YouTube for viral marketing since 2006. Our YouTube productions already surpassed 1 million viewers.

What is the forumla to create succesful viral clips?
- must have viral charm
- viewer must be captured within 10 seconds - must be short and to the point
- should be a series
- good SEO

YouTube productions must be as entertaining and charming as possible to attract an audience. We believe that we can package any product, idea or PR very unobtrusively into a YouTube spot. You just need the right psychology to create a clip which will go viral. Here are some examples of succesful viral campaigns for inspiration.

The chances that a single clip will get picked up are slim, that is why we usually create a series around the product. Yet the production costs of the whole series are just a fraction of classic advertising. Unlike TV or print advertising your message will not disappear next week. It will stay online forever, or at least for the lifetime of YouTube.

Our experience in Search Engine Optimization helps in achieving a good ranking for your video. Plus the YouTube insight gives you an extremely accurate method of measuring viewers and demographics.

We created the series “Don’t Stop Your Mind” to promote the esoteric mastermind James J. Traitz. His series already had over 250,000 viewers. James J. Traitz appeared in the documentary "The Matrix Of Illusion" next to David Lynch, Wayne Dyer, Deepak Chopra, David Wilcock, David Icke, Michael Talbot, Gregg Braden, Robert Anton Wilson, Neil Kramer, Grant Morrison, and Bill Hicks. We also created an audiobook which has been released on iTunes and Amazon in June 2008 and are working on chill out remixes of his works which will be released in December 2008.

YouTube clicks can be extremely powerful!

To obtain the best international coverage, all productions can be uploaded on several essential video platforms including MySpaceTV, Google Video, Revver, (Germany), (Germany), (France), Vimeo, (Israel),
On International platforms text and keywords should be in the local language.

James Traitz Viral Marketing works best if nobody knows, that the viral video was created intentionally. Thus we cannot give aways some of our clients.
James Traitz Our 60+episode YouTube series "James Traitz - Don't Stop Your Mind" has reached over 250,000 viewers, lead to an appearance of James J. Traitz in the documentary "The Matrix Of Illusion" and to an audio book which was released on iTunes in June 2008.
Arsht Center The Arsht Center had a promo clip for Slava's Snowhow made for their website. In order to make it work for viral platforms we added logo, title, city and dates. In order to start the clip with the strongest shot, we selected a still of Slava pushing a giant snowball, animated this snowball and added lots of artifical snow and wind movement to the titles.
Capri You Love We edited the trailer for the movie "Capri You Love" and uploaded it to all international platforms to ensure worldwide coverage. To maximize cross promotion we released the soundtrack on your own label Pearlicka Records. The soundtrack is now available at iTunes, Amazon and all other legal digital download stores.
Movie Poster
Mike Mucci Promotion for "Mike Mucci - On and On". Original footage shot at the "White Party". Already over 50,000 viewers. Mike Mucci - On & On - EP
Bushman Promotion for "Bushman Productions - Afrakazazz". Footage shot during Art Basel. Bushman - Afrakazazz
Nubian Crackers Promotion for "Nubian Crackers - Greatest Shits Volume 1". To minimize production costs we used archival break dance footage from our own archive. Nubian Crackers - The Greatest Shits, Vol. 1
DJ Exacta Promotion for "Dj Exacta & Daley Padley feat. Diane Nelson - Pride". Archival roller skating footage from 2002. Over 15,000 viewers. DJ Exacta & Daley Padley featuring Diane Nelson - Pride - EP - Pride (Exacta's Vocal Mix)
Agape Promotion for "Agape feat. Nadia Harris - Peace = Solution". The original music video was trimmed down to 40 seconds, only showing the confrontation and the peaceful solution. It has been uploaded several times with different provoking keywords. Was best received in Germany on Agape featuring Nadia Harris - Peace = Solution (Extended Mix)

April 2nd, 2007 - #30 most viewed (Today) -Gurus, and April 7th, 2007 - #65 most viewed (This Week) (Gurus)
thanks to our WMC 2007 coverage